Pars Pangan Trunnion mounted ball valves with : Anti-static device, Anti-blow out proof stem, Double block and bleed, Venting and drain fittings and trunnion bearings to assure low operating torque throughout entire valve life.
Anti Blow-out Stem
The stem is made separately from the ball; The lower end of the stem is designed with and integral collar to be blow-out proof.

Anti-Static Device
Anti static device is a standard feature of PARS PANGAN ball valve . A spring-loaded pin assures the electrical continuity; between ball; stem and body so as to avoid sparks during turning of the stem to open and close the valve; which could be dangerous in case of hazardous area installation.


Fire Safe Design
External leakage prevention

Leakage from the valve stem area is prevented by double sealing with 2 O-rings and gland gasket. Leakage through the valve body joint is also blocked by double sealing with O-ring and body gasket. After a fire has deteriorated O-ring; gland gasket ;body gasket and stem fire safe packing are the mea¬sure that prevents external fluid leakage.

Internal leakage prevention
When non-metal materials such as O-ring; seat insert and spacer are decomposed or deteriorated by fire; the edge of the metal seat preloaded by the seat sprig comes into contact with the ball to shut off the line fluid to minimize internal leakage through the valve bore. Also the fire safe flexible graphite seat packing will be compressed by the seat spring to prevent fluid leakage between the valve body and seat.